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Intelligent Product Sourcing


The difference in OEM cartridge alternatives

Combining a new wave of re-engineered products with top-performing remanufactured models to offer an industry leading catalogue of reliable printer cartridge products.


The first pitfall faced in printer fleet management is an array of expensive printer cartridge products which inflate total spending and prevent your organization from getting the most value from its technology budget. Replace expensive OEM products with a carefully selected industry-leading catalogue of cartridge products and save 40-50%.


What is Intelligent Sourcing?

Intelligent sourcing is the process of using industry trends and Q&A analytics to carefully identify top-performing products to avoid inconsistencies and mitigate quality risk across various manufacturers. Combined with an expert staff of experienced analysts, this ensures reliable supply chain management and guarantees end-user product reliability across an extensive catalogue of products.


Cartridge Reliability

By hand picking top-performing cartridge models from U.S. remanufacturers, the Aaron “crème de la crème” catalogue of reliable, high-performance cartridges represents a viable quality competitor to expensive OEM products and delivers far superior reliability over the scattered network of local compatible cartridge dealers which have traditionally populated the non-OEM cartridge marketplace.


OEM Projector Bulb Products

Aaron’s commitment to product quality uses OEM lamps and bulb products in compatible housing to ensure highest performance with lowest costs. Aaron is committed to preserving the integrity of our client’s projector health by providing them with the necessary high-performance products available, while minimizing cost(s) without sacrificing performance.


Custom Account Catalogue

All customers receive their own custom toner product listing based upon the makeup of their printer fleet. Upon logging in to their Aaron account, customers experience a streamlined ordering experience which simplifies the re-ordering process and allows for easy service request submissions.


Details & Guarantees

All  Aaron products are guaranteed to match the page yield & print quality of traditional OEM products. Free shipping on all orders (1-2 days).


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